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Jacc: Jacc Translation (1 comment)
Portuguese and german translation
Added by Michael Liebler almost 4 years ago

Jacc: Jacc 3.0
Jacc 3.0 will produce a very clear and joomla compliant code.
Added by Michael Liebler almost 4 years ago

Jacc: Published Beta 0.3
Beta 0.3 will create a working frontend. You can download also an update package.
Added by Michael Liebler almost 7 years ago

Jacc: Update will follow soon
Some bugs have been corrected. Beta 02 will follow in several days.
Added by Michael Liebler about 7 years ago

Jimtawl: Jimtawl 1.0.2
Updating to Jimtawl 1.0.2
Added by Michael Liebler over 7 years ago

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Latest projects

  • zrepeater (12/21/2012 11:49 pm)

    Sende-Wiederholung für Radio Z mit Zappa und liquidsoap

  • Jacc (08/17/2010 03:12 am)

    Jacc creates a joomla component installation package from scratch. You will get a MVC for backend and frontend with compatibility for Joomla 1.6.

  • Virtual Domains (07/18/2010 03:51 pm)

    Joomla Komponente

  • Jimtawl (04/09/2010 09:46 pm)
  • rdl Zappa (04/06/2010 02:25 pm)

    Zappa für Radio Dreyeckland